12:40am September 10, 2013

Well it finally happened

Little explanation…the email account this blog is linked to no longer exists, and my Tumblr got logged out, so now I only gave access to it on my phone… (Sad times) so I will most likely be making a new blog…keep your eyes peeled for the new URL

8:54pm September 9, 2013
8:54pm September 9, 2013
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I lied. This is it. This is the whole series.

How the fuck has no one made a comic to this yet

thank you really, i didn’t understand what the fuck was he saying because english isn’t my native language and it MADE ME SO ANGRY because everybody get this and i didn’t and it has 46 THOUSAND NOTES AND I DIDNT GET THE   AUDIO AND WHY and now i do THANK U

8:01pm September 9, 2013

People who reply fast.

You know why they do it? Because they really want to talk to that person. Don’t take forever to reply, that is just a huge turn off. Don’t make them think that you have someone better to talk to. It just sets them off, and it makes them upset. Next time someone replies right after, appreciate that they want to talk to you.

7:59pm September 9, 2013

So done with people man. (This will be a League post)

People just need to nut the fuck up and get over themselves seriously.

My last game, which included two friends, was a complete clusterfuck.

Started off well, I called top (apparently someone beat me to it) so I said don’t worry I’ll support, anyone that follows me should know that recently I’ve tried being the best I can be at League, no raging, not being confrontational etc. 

We get into game and it starts well, out trading them botlane a bit. Mids doing shitty, but my mates against a Veigar as Kat, never really that easy tbh. 

Then it starts with the Jungler and toplaner (not my friends) raging at each other, which eventually bleeds into the Jungler raging at mid for being a noob, then my mate raging back, their jungler ganks botlane, despite my vision and pings and kills my other mate, so he starts raging…

Jungler declares all lanes lost (even though no towers are down) and that I’m feeding and am a noob support (I’m 0/0/0 at this point and have pinged every gank attempt on mine and mid lane) 

So yeah now everyones raging in chat and /all telling everyone to report everyone, I’m trying to mediate with the Jungler and top laner and everyone else, but long story short is, no ones playing, everyone’s typing and everyones dying.

So not that I’m proud, but fuck this. I leave. Now people may bash me on that decision, but when I left I was 0/1/0. We’d lost all outer towers, mid’s inner tower and they were splitting top and bot lane while our team was basically afk arguing.

No way we were gonna pull that one out of our backsides, and I’d rather not spend the next 10 to 15 minutes getting my head kicked in and getting in a shitty mood reading all the hate.

In summary this is what I’d like to leave the League community…

If you:

  • Rage constantly rather than offer advice
  • Constantly call someone a noob in a poor matchup
  • Refuse to gank a lane for a childish petty reason even though there’s a clear objective to be had
  • Tell the enemy team to report your team
  • Call anyone a faggot, no skill noob, or any other random shitty insult

then please by all means fuck off and uninstall this game, you are the problem, you are the infection in the community. You are not fucking wanted.

However if you:

  • Give over first blood because you got a bit cocky
  • Don’t really know a role but are willing to fill
  • Mis read a ping and die
  • Die to a gank because you took the eye off the minimap
  • Fail a flash
  • Panic flash
  • Panic Ignite
  • Panic anything

Then ignore anyone who calls you out on it in a shitty way and doesn’t offer you advice, or alternatively play with me, I won’t call you out, and I prefer playing as a whole 5 people.

This playerbase is full of shitty horrible people, riots measures don’t do well enough to get rid of them, and to be perfectly honest I enjoy this game, and don’t want it ruined by childish and frankly stupid people.

So in summary, if you’re a shitty person, fuck off, if you’re just mechanically less skilled then ignore people, play with me.

Rant over…

6:46pm September 9, 2013

 xRyZ - League Art/Cosplay: DWAI Coaching (League of Legends)


Hey guys today I’m announcing the start of DWAI’s Coaching. Coaching will be available to all players and can easily be accessed on the DWAI RaidCall. We coach all players no matter the level. In doing this we hope to help members of DWAI take a step up in their game and give…

4:35pm September 9, 2013
1:58am September 8, 2013
1:57am September 8, 2013

Reblog if you’re willing to answer anything that comes to your ask box right now.

1:17am September 8, 2013

"aen estar Hadhafang i chathol hen, thand arod dan i thang an i arwen"Someday I will own this x


"aen estar Hadhafang i chathol hen, thand arod dan i thang an i arwen"

Someday I will own this x